Study in Uzbekistan

Located in Central Asia, Uzbekistan is among the top choices for Indian students to pursue MBBS abroad. Over the years, the country has seen a huge inclination in the number of international students enrolling in its universities. Medical universities of Uzbekistan provide high-quality education and practical training to help students in learning how to handle patients and practice healthcare.

The country provides globally recognized degrees, especially from MCI approved universities. So aspiring medical students from India can complete their MBBS from Uzbekistan and come back to their country to start their practice by giving a screening test. Since 2018, the government of Uzbekistan has put a lot of effort to improve the quality of education & training.

Compared to countries like the USA, UK, and India, the cost of living and studies is much affordable making it a perfect study destination abroad. From easy access to quality education to English as a medium of instruction, low tuition fees, global exposure, and globally accepted degrees, there are plenty of reasons for an Indian student to choose Uzbekistan to pursue higher education.

Medium of Instruction

For international students enrolling in universities in Uzbekistan, the medium of instruction is English. So, an Indian student can expect smooth communication during lectures, exams, and practical training programs.

Courses to Study in Uzbekistan

Here’s a list of popular courses opted by international students in Uzbekistan:

  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Management
  • Technology
  • Natural Sciences
  • Philology
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Ecology
  • Mathematics
Eligibility Criteria

A student must fulfil the following eligibility criteria to get admission to a university in Uzbekistan:

  • The applicant must be 17 on or before the 31st December of the admission year
  • Candidate must have cleared 12th from a recognized board
  • The applicant must have obtained at least 50% marks in 12th.
Documents Required

Mentioned below is a complete list of documents required to study in Uzbekistan:

  • 10 and 12th certificates and mark sheets.
  • School leaving certificate
  • Valid passport
  • Student visa
  • Documentations stating the financial status

Top Universities in Uzbekistan

Here is a list of top universities in Uzbekistan:

  • Tashkent Medical Academy
  • National University of Uzbekistan
  • Samarkand State Medical University
  • Tashkent Institute of Finance
  • Andijan State Medical Institute
  • Inha University in Tashkent

Visa Process

Below mentioned are the study visa requirements for Uzbekistan:

  • A copy of the letter of acceptance/invitation from the university
  • A passport valid for 90 days or more than the period of stay in the country
  • Two photographs and two copies of the visa application form
  • 10+2 certificate and NEET score
  • Medical test report
  • A birth certificate

Benefits of Studying in Uzbekistan for Indian Students

Here are some of the benefits that Indian students can expect from studying in Uzbekistan:

Globally Recognized Universities
Universities in Uzbekistan offer globally valid degrees, especially medical universities. Most medical universities in the country are MCI approved and recognized by international medical bodies around the world. That means an Indian student can practice in India after completing an MBBS degree from Uzbekistan.

Affordable Education
Due to its growing economy, Uzbekistan offers plenty of growth opportunities. Here, the study cost and the living cost are much affordable compared to most western medical universities.

It is because a majority of Uzbek universities are government-funded. That’s why they offer an affordable fee structure for higher education.

Medium of Instruction
International students opting to study in Uzbekistan are taught in English. From exams to lectures and practical training, everything is conducted in the English language, making it easy for the students who are not fluent in the native language. Indian students don’t need to clear any entrance exam or English proficiency test to apply for admissions.

Highly Accessible
Uzbekistan is easily accessible from India. There are regular flights to Uzbekistan that take around three hours to reach the country. Uzbekistan also has good travel options, including high-speed trains, shared taxis, and even metros.

High-Quality Education
For Indian students, studying in Uzbekistan can come with many benefits, the major one being the quality of education. With an unparalleled education system and a carefully designed curriculum, Uzbekistan is one of the best higher-education destinations abroad.

Working in Uzbekistan as an International Student

Career Scope After Completing Degree
Studying from Uzbekistan open doors to various opportunities. Here is the complete career scope after pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan:

  • After completing the degree, an Indian student can look for postgraduate options. The student can opt for courses in foreign countries, as well as in India.
  • The student can also return to India and clear screening test to start practising in the country.
  • If the student finds a better opportunity in Uzbekistan, there’s an option to avail work visa and practice in any hospital or clinic.

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General Information

About Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a doubly landlocked country located in Central Asia. The country has a high literacy rate and the largest population in Central Asia.

It lies on the Silk Route and reflects the quality of Islamic architecture. It also boasts natural attractions and diverse terrains.

One can enjoy several alpine lakes, various plains, steppes and green oases.

It is a country famous for its world-famous historic cities with ancient settlements featuring impressive architecture. Over time, the country has developed a tourism infrastructure providing various services. It serves as an excellent holiday destination offering exciting adventures such as skiing, jeep safari, paragliding, hiking, mountain climbing, and more. The locals in the country are known for their hospitality and warmth, providing a feeling of comfort and safety.

Top Cities

Mentioned below are some of the top cities in Uzbekistan:

Also known as Samarqand, Samarkand is a city in the southeastern part of Uzbekistan. It is among the oldest inhabited cities located in central Asia. It is a haven for tourists and students alike. There is dedicated security and police to ensure the safety of both the locals and ex-pats. It is a must-visit destination in the country comprising tourist spots and some of the best higher-educational institutions for medicine, agriculture, and trade.

Bukhara is another ancient city of Uzbekistan that was founded in the 13th century B.C. The name Bukhara originates from the Sanskrit word Vihara. History knows this city as a large commercial centre lying on the Great Silk Road.

The city has a population of over two lakhs and is home to some of the best higher education institutions in the country.

Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan and also the largest city in the Central Asia region. Located in the northeastern part of the country, Tashkent reportedly dates back to the 2nd or 1st century BCE. This modern city is perfectly safe for the tourists which witnesses travellers from different countries every year.

Located in Eastern Uzbekistan, Kokand is a trading city. Its glory days were 1709 – 1876, soon put to an end by Russia. One can travel to the city via railways as trains are operating daily from Tashkent.

Located in the south-eastern edge of the Fergana Valley, Andijan is among the biggest cities in Uzbekistan. The city is best known for being the birthplace of Babus, who laid the basis of the Mughal dynasty and became the first Mughal Emperor.

Since the 17th century, Namangan has been an important trade and craft centre in the Fergana Valley. It is located on the northernmost edge of the valley, just 30 km away from Kyrgyzstan. The city has three major higher education institutions and is also home to colleges, vocational schools and, general education schools.

Located in Uzbekistan, Fergana valley is a fertile valley about 420 km east of Tashkent and less than 20 km from the border of Kyrgyzstan.

The city was founded in 1876, even though the area was populated for thousands of years. The city is home to some of the prominent higher education institutions in the country, along with regional theatres and a Museum of local studies.


The climate of Uzbekistan is known to be continental and arid. The north sees a temperate climate compared to the subtropical South. With hot and dry summer, the temperature is known for surpassing 40 degrees Celsius. Winter temperature often goes below 0 degrees Celsius (may drop as low as -40 degrees Celsius). The best time to enjoy the country’s beauty is during spring and autumn.


Uzbekistan’s culture is a mix of various ethnic cultures. The major part of the population is formed by the Uzbeks, whereas Kazakhs, Tajiks, Russians and more make other minority groups. The culture of Uzbekistan holds high regard for music as it plays a pivotal role in their day-to-day lives. From religious to family events like weddings, every occasion is incomplete without the melody of folk music.


There are plenty of travel options for students in Uzbekistan. Some of them are:

Buses are the most convenient travel option in Uzbekistan. They operate in almost all major cities. These buses are quite cheap and, at times, overcrowded.

Metro is another cheap and convenient way of travelling in the country. Remember that this facility is available only in Tashkent. They provide a comfortable ride and take less time to take you to your destination.

Railways in the country connect few cities, including Tashkent – Andijan, Tashkent – Bukhara, Tashkent – Urgench, Tashkent – Termez, and a high-speed train to Samarkand. The rule here is to take seat 30 minutes before the time of departure to avoid getting abandoned on the platform.

There are online taxi services available along with private taxi services. Online taxis usually have a fixed price. For private taxis, one needs to agree on the price beforehand.

Security & Safety

Uzbekistan is considered safe and secure for Indian nationals. The locals are friendly towards people coming from other countries. A student can easily feel safe all throughout the academic years. However, it is advised not to spend late night hours outside in public spaces and avoid talking to strangers at such hours.


There are two major languages in Uzbekistan – Uzbek and Russian.


The currency of Uzbekistan is Uzbekistani soʻm.

Time Difference from India

India is 30 minutes ahead of Uzbekistan.
If the time is 5:00 pm in Uzbekistan, it will be 5:30 pm in India.

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