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Kazakhstan has newly emerged as a popular study destination among international students. Apart from being the powerhouse of Central Asia, Kazakhstan is also home to some of the world ranked universities, offering both Bachelors and Masters programs. Being an accessible Eurasian country, Kazakhstan offers a unique window to a less discovered part of the world.

The country’s education system is well developed. Academic institutions in the country are providing higher education in a range of programs. Kazakhstan is known for its diversity. There are over 130 ethnicities with people practising different traditions, languages, and cultures. That way, an international student coming to Kazakhstan can have multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and multi-religious experiences.

There are 2 languages officially spoken in the country – Kazakh and Russian. But the more and more universities are offering English taught courses for international students. So, an Indian student can easily study in Kazakhstan. Also, many Kazakh universities offer scholarships to international students, making studying in the country much affordable. So, one must take full advantage of such an opportunity.

Medium of Instruction

Kazakhstan universities offer English as the medium of instruction for all international students.

Courses to Study in Kazakhstan

Here’s a complete list of popular programs in Kazakhstan among international students:

  • Medicine
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Law & Jurisprudence
  • Administration
  • Environmental Studies
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Architecture
  • Natural Sciences
  • Journalism
Eligibility Criteria

To apply for a university in Kazakhstan, a student must fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

  • The student must be at least 17 years old on or before 31st December of the admission year.
  • The student must obtain a minimum of 50% in 10+2. For the reserved category, the minimum score must be 45%.
  • For medical aspirants, qualifying NEET is mandatory.
Documents Required

Here is a complete list of documents required for admissions at a Kazakhstani university:

  • A valid passport copy
  • 10th & 12th passing certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • NEET Examination Result
  • Medical certificate
  • COVID-19 report essential during admission time
  • Passport size photographs

Top Universities in Kazakhstan

Here’s a list of some of the top Kazakhstan universities for Indian students:

Admission Timeline

Almost all universities in Kazakhstan invite applications starting in the fall semester.

Application Deadline
The application deadline lasts from 01 February to 31 August. The student can register online from the university website.

Preliminary Tests/interview
The admission committee of the university may conduct an online exam. It depends on the course between 31 July to 15 August.

Not all universities require an admission test. Some universities, like medical universities, require NEET certificates.

Result Announcement
Once selected, the student gets notified within a few days. After that, they can start applying for the study visa as it may take some time to arrive.

Arrive at the University
Lastly, all a student needs is to pack the bags and fly to the university.

Visa Process

Below mentioned are the requirements to obtain a student visa to study in a Kazakhstan University:

  • Enrollment confirmation letter from the desired university.
  • A valid passport
  • A copy of the passport’s main page
  • Letter of request submitted to the consular section of the Kazakhstan embassy by the student
  • Passport size photographs

Benefits of Studying in Kazakhstan for Indian Students

There are plenty of benefits to study in Kazakhstan for Indian students.

No Donation
The universities in Kazakhstan don’t require any donation for admissions, unlike many universities in India. Also, the fees of some of the medical universities are even lower than a typical Indian private college.

World-wide Valid Degrees
The degrees provided by Kazakhstani universities are valid globally. An Indian student can work in India after completing a degree from Kazakhstan.

MCI Approved Universities
The medical universities in Kazakhstan are approved by MCI, WHO, and other international medical organizations. These medical universities also give coaching to Indian students to clear the MCI screening test so that they can start their practice in India.

Medium of Instruction
An Indian student does not need to have fluency in Russian or Kazakh. Kazakhstani Universities offer education to international students in the English language.

Highly Qualified Faculty
The faculty at universities in Kazakhstan is highly qualified. There are qualified teachers, scholars, professors, and scholars who provide the best practical training and knowledge.

Easy Admission Procedure
The admission process at the universities in Kazakhstan is very easy. A student is only required to fulfil the eligibility criteria to get into the desired university.

Availability of Indian food
Indian food is available at university campuses in Kazakhstan. The country sees hundreds and thousands of international students every year, out of which Indian students are large in numbers. That’s why Indian cuisine is a common sight in the university mess and cafeterias in Kazakhstan.

Our Services for You

Below are some of the ways we can help you get into your dream university in Kazakhstan:

Admission Assistance
We provide you with expert tips on filling out your university form to help increase your chances of admission.

Visa Guidance
We also provide you with end-to-end guidance so that you can get your study visa. We aim at making the process seamless and hassle-free for you. All you need is to pack your bag and reach the airport.

Travel & Accommodation
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Local Help
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Post Course Consultancy
After your course completion, we provide career guidance and post-course training.

General Information

About Kazakhstan

Located in the northern region of Central Asia, the Republic of Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world. It has four times the size of Texas. The country’s oldest city dates back to the second and third BC. Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty, was established in 2018, and it has a population of over 1.7 million.

The government of the country has brought in major systematic changes over the years and introduced many reforms that brought the country’s rank to #25. The country has gone through major improvements to make it stand out among the neighbouring countries, like Iceland, Austria, Spain, and Japan.

The undiscovered beauty, pristine landscapes, and multi-cultural experience have made the country a major travel hotspot. On top of that, the country’s evolved education system has made it a go-to place for medical aspirants.

Top Cities

Below mentioned are the top cities in Russia to study:

  • Almaty
  • Nur-Sultan
  • Karaganda
  • Shymkent
  • Aktobe
  • Taraz
  • Semey
  • Pavlodar

Kazakhstan is known for its continental climate. That means one can experience chilling cold winters and extremely hot summers. In January, the temperatures typically drop to 10 degrees and even lower. July, on the other hand, sees rising temperatures going well above 30 degrees Celsius. To best enjoy the country, April to June & September to October are the best time.


The lifestyle in Kazakhstan is highly influenced by close contact with Russians for over two decades. But the culture still reflects the historical nomadic lifestyle of tribes who once roamed the Kazakh steppe. That gives the people of Kazakhstan unique traditions, eclectic customs, and a unique worldview.

A major development was seen in the 19th and 20th centuries when the locals adopted more of a sedentary lifestyle. But Kazakh’s nomadic spirit still prevails in its art forms and traditions. One can experience its culture in literature, crafts, clothing, musical heritage, and exciting horse games.


Kazakhstan has well-developed transportation facilities. There are trains, minibuses, bike/car rentals, intercity buses, and taxis.

Almaty is home to the country’s only metro. It is cheap and a fast way to travel across the city. Regardless of its usefulness, the metro has limited stations. But the system is undergoing planning for other cities as well.

Trains are popular among the locals and travellers. It poses as the most convenient way to travel in the country. Trains provide easy commute both regionally and locally. Trains from Kazakhstan can even take one to neighbouring countries like Kyrgyzstan, China, Russia, & Uzbekistan. It’s a cheap travel option but time-consuming.

Buses are by far one of the most convenient ways to travel in Kazakhstan. They are cheap, easy to find and can take you almost anywhere in the city. The only downside is that the buses don’t always stick to the schedule. Also, drivers in Kazakhstan only speak Russia or Kazakh. So it is important to learn a few phrases that might help during the journey.

Taxis are easy to find at bus stops or train stations. They are also very convenient but expensive than other means of transportation. One can always choose to share the rides to reduce the trip cost. Just make sure that you brush up on your Russian speaking skills to avoid getting ripped off.

Security & Safety

Kazakhstan is a safe country for both travellers and students. When compared with Russia & Eurasia, the country ranks on top in peacefulness. The locals in the country are warm, hospitable, and extremely friendly. Also, the country is tolerant towards people practising different traditions, cultures, and religions, especially in the urban areas.


There are two official languages in Kazakh and Russian.


The currency of Kazakhstan is Kazakhstani Tenge (₸).

Time Difference from India

Kazakhstan is 30 minutes ahead of India.
For example, if it is 5:30 am in Kazakhstan, it will be 5:00 am in India.

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    Kazakhstan: Key Factors

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    Lower Costs of Living

    Living costs in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan is quite lower than other

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