South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy is a Kazakhstan-based university set up in 1979. The Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan officially accredited the university. Thus, the academic institution has a goal to train pharmaceutical and medical specialists based on the ever-changing trends of the industry. SKMA is presently working with academic partners from the US, Russia, Singapore, Kazakhstan, and Europe.

Throughout the past years, SKMA had built its reputation and status for proving excellence in research and teaching. It has grabbed a rank as one of the best 10 medical universities in Kazakhstan. Located at Shymkent, SKMA has achieved a prestigious position from the perspective of World Universities Rankings.

The coeducational academic institution has helped several students to acquire the best skills and knowledge in the medical industry. It has employed certified and dedicated teaching staff to ensure high-quality educational standards.

Every year several students studying at South Kazakhstan Medical Academy fulfil their dreams of getting established in the medical field. The applicants do not need to pass the medical entrance exam to apply for admission to SKMA.

The Academy constitutes different buildings intended for practical classes, research work, auxiliary services, and lab studies. The mission of this academy is to train professionals in sharpening their practical skills and strengthening their theoretical knowledge.

SKMA likes to give equal importance to foreign students and students from Kazakhstan. The team, at SKMA, thinks that language should not be a barrier to a young candidate who likes to pursue further education. Thus, they prefer giving instructions in English.

Medium of Instruction

The teachers at South Kazakhstan Medical Academy teach in English as students from different countries apply for admission into this Academy, During admission, candidates have to submit the English proficiency test certificate.

Academic Facilities

  • World-Class Infrastructure
  • Internship Programs
  • Personal and Career Development
  • Training Programs
  • Experienced Teachers

University Campus

The campus life of South Kazakhstan Medical Academy is fun-filled and offers a friendly learning atmosphere to the students. Moreover, they will grow a community feel on the campus. Students get connected to researchers, educators, and healthcare providers in the world of knowledge. The purpose of such campus life is to provide quality education to students. Here, the students will get the opportunity to add more skills to their knowledge.

SKMA has a big campus to provide the best experience to students. They have created a safe and ambient environment on our campus, where students can interact with their teachers.

The spacious library is a big resource to make your knowledge base stronger. Candidates can find the most useful books for their training courses.

SKMA has a large air-conditioned auditorium with a high seating capacity. They have also installed audiovisual technologies to host conferences, seminars, and cultural programs. Other facilities in the auditorium include LCD projectors and screens to deliver lectures.

As foreign students come to SKMA for the MBBA course, they always focus on their accommodation needs. SKMA has hostel facilities to make them feel safe in Kazakhstan.

Computer Labs
As they help students to undergo technologically advanced training, we have set up computer labs. SKMA labs create smart classrooms and promote digital education.

Without co-curricular activities, young learners can feel bored. Thus, they have added a gym centre and sports ground to our premises to keep up the health of students.

The cafeteria is the perfect place where students can hang out and interact with others. When the hectic lecture-lab schedules have made them bored, they can come to the cafeteria for hygienic food.

The well-equipped lab gives you access to the essential equipment. As SKMA like to promote research work for advancement in training. Moreover, the candidates get the opportunity to increase their technical knowledge by accessing the lab.

SKMA is something more than an MBBS university. They have the best medical facilities to take care of students. The university ensures that their student coming from different countries to pursue their courses do not have any health issues.

Courses & Fees

A brief description of the main course – MBBS

Students who like to attain an MBBS degree in Kazakhstan can choose SKMA for the 5-year course. The good campus, modern infrastructure, and qualified instructors have made this Academy the reliable destination to pursue the course. Moreover, students can undergo the course at an affordable rate. During the training program, they can engage in activities, like conferences, seminars, and projects to learn more about the medical world.

The faculty always puts effort into updating their knowledge and provides the best instructions to students. Under the guidance of highly trained teachers, when candidates have passed the MBBS training program, they have a chance of internships. As an intern, every student will have an opportunity of gaining hands-on experience and knowledge. The MBBS students will learn the way of managing different types of patients in a clinic.

(fees table here)

Eligibility criteria for MBBS Course

A student must fulfil the following eligibility norms to seek admission at South Kazakhstan Medical Academy:

  • The candidate must not be less than 17 years of age.
  • The aggregate marks in the higher secondary course should be at least 50%.
  • The subjects, like Physics, Biology, and Chemistry, need to be present in the higher secondary course.
Documents Required
  • Valid Passport Photocopy
  • Passport-Size Photos
  • Visa Application
  • Letter from SKMA
  • Letter of Request
  • High School Graduate Certificate
  • English Proficiency Test Certificate
  • Copy of Passport
  • Consular Fees

Higher Education Programs

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy is intended for those who like to pursue the MBBS course. There are separate faculties for every course, including:

Dental Studies
This course helps them to learn about oral organs, dental anatomy, diagnosis process, diseases, dental surgeries, and modern treatment.

General Medicine
This course imparts practical and theoretical knowledge of technological advancements related to diseases diagnosis.

Pharmaceutical Studies
The pharmaceutical course will help you to learn about new treatments, healthcare management, prescription, drugs and other medical options.

Continuing Professional Development
This course also focuses on the development of professionalism and interpersonal skills. Your learning needs will be fulfilled with this training course.

Technical Professional Education
Candidates will learn about radiologic tech, CT technology, sonography, and several other modern medical treatments.

Research and Doctoral Programs
Students can undergo a research program to acquire a Doctorate degree in any medical course. It helps them to gain deeper insights.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Kazakhstan is cheaper than in most other countries. Foreigners who have settled in the country for some reason can find reasonably priced foods from restaurants. However, the standard cost of living is different in every city of the country.

Meal – Inexpensive Restaurant$ 3.51
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal)$ 3.51
Cappuccino (regular)$ 1.55
Coke/Pepsi – 0.33 liter bottle$ 0.40
Water (1.5 liter bottle)$ 0.55
Milk – 1 litre$ 0.74
White Bread – 500g$ 0.32
Rice – 1kg$ 0.90
Eggs – 12 pieces$ 1.28
Cheese – 1kg$ 4.92
Chicken – 1kg$ 3.59
Fruits (apple, banana, orange etc.) – cost per kg$ 1.44
Vegetables (tomato, potato, onion, lettuce etc.) – cost per kg$ 0.63
One-way Ticket (Local Transport)$ 0.23
Monthly Pass (Regular Price)$ 15.22
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)$ 1.05
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff)$ 0.32
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff)$ 2.46
Gasoline (1 liter)$ 0.43
Utilities & accomodation
Basic expenses (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 85 sq. m. apartment$ 65.70
Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local – 1min$ 0.04
Internet (monthly charges for 60 Mbps broadband)$ 10.54
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre$ 135.62
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre$ 128.24
Sports & Leisure
Fitness Club – monthly$ 71.83
Cinema – 1 seat$ 5.86
Clothing & Shoes
1 Pair of Jeans (known international brand)$ 42.94
Dress from a branded store$ 27.33
Sports/Casual shoes (Mid-Range) – 1 pair$ 58.56
Formal shoes – 1 pair$ 85.88

The accommodation costs may be slightly higher when you are close to the city centre. The 3BHK apartments can cost ($ 586.14) KZT to ($ 703.37) KZT. The cost of groceries can range from ($ 0.26) KZT to ($ 0.70) KZT.

General Information

About Kazakhstan

The Republic of Kazakhstan is a land of freedom-loving nomads. However, this country has become an economic, trade, and cultural bridge between Europe and Asia. There are people of different faiths and nationalities. Moreover, the citizens respect the language and heritage of the country. Those who prefer their ancestors’ language, speak in Kazakh. However, the widely spoken language is Russian. English has started growing in popularity in recent years. This country can bring you rich opportunities and bright prospects.

Shymkent: the education destination

Located in the southern part of Kazakhstan, Shymkent is the third-largest city in the country. The commercial and industrial centres are close to countries, like Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Also known as the green city, Shymkent has more than 18 national cultural centres. Folk festivals celebrated in different parks create a vibrant atmosphere of the city. Moreover, there are museums, theatres, libraries, and art galleries.

Security and Safety

Domestic and foreign travellers enjoy trouble-free visits in Kazakhstan. Still, it is important to keep your valuables in a safe and secure place. As a Level 1 country, Kazakhstan is a risk-free place for travellers. It is considered safer than other Level-2 countries, like Germany and France.


Kazakhstan constitutes 11 international transport corridors and more than 2000 km of Railways. The government authority has reconstructed 15 airports. Due to the best transportation facilities, the country has become a hub of different trade routes. The country has built its ports, roads, and railway networks across Central Asia. Thus, it is easy to move to Kazakhstan from any other country.


A well-articulated culture with a Turkic nomadic lifestyle is noticeable in Kazakhstan. Moreover, Kazakh scholars and several other intellectuals have followed Kazakh traditions and wear traditional outfits.


Students in Kazakhstan will enjoy a continental climate. Kazakhstan has blossoming spring, frosty winter, scarlet autumn, and heating summer.

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    South Kazakhstan Medical Academy: Key Factors

    Top Ranking University

    South Kazakhstan Medical University ranks at 19th position in the entire country.

    Worldwide Degree Validity

    The degree obtained from the university is valid all around the world.

    Recognition from Prominent International Bodies

    The university has gained recognition from NMC, WHO, and the Ministry of education & science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    High Affordability

    The university offers MBBS courses at very economical rates.

    Easy Medium of Instructions

    All international students can expect to be taught in the English language throughout their academic journey.

    Easy Admission Procedure

    Indian students only require a 10+2 certificate and NEET result for admission. No entrance test is required.

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