Kharkiv National Medical University

Founded in 1805, Kharkiv National Medical University is among the oldest higher education establishments in Ukraine. The university was first named the Medical Faculty of Kharkiv University. It is a perfect choice for International Students who want to study medicine in Ukraine. The university offers both graduate and postgraduate programs in dentistry, pharmacy, medicine, and nursing.

The degrees earned from the university are internationally recognized. So, if a student wants to come back to practice in India, he/she would need to give a screening test. The university ensures top medical education and practical training to its students.

The training starts from the third year, and the students get to have hands-on training at the municipal hospitals in Kharkiv. There are over 700 professional teachers, including 387 candidates of medical science, 102 doctors of science and professors, 32 members of academics, and 17 honoured scientists.

Also, Kharkiv National Medical University has maintained research and academic collaborations with several international organizations working in the medical field. A student can take advantage of such opportunities and get global exposure by participating in conferences, international seminars, and projects. Since 1951, the university has seen more than 7500 international students getting graduated.

The university also boasts of its foreign partners, including Kursk State Medical University, Belgorod State University, Novosibirsk State Medical University, Samara State Medical University (Russian Federation), Otto von Guericke Magdeburg University (Federal Republic of Germany), Vilnius University (Republic of Lithuania), Memorandum of Cooperation with Professional Hypnosis Training Institute (Poland), Institute of Physiology of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Poznan University of Medical Sciences (Poland), Tajik State Medical University (Tajik Republic), Yeditepe University (Turkish Republic), and others.

Why Study at Kharkiv National Medical University?

There are several reasons why students must consider Kharkiv National Medical University for MBBS:

  • The university offers an excellent standard of education and a highly qualified staff from the field of medicine.
  • The cost of living and the tuition fee at Kharkiv National Medical University is affordable.
  • The university provides a hostel facility. For Indian students, there’s the availability of Indian mess that offers both veg and non-veg food.
  • The university celebrates various Indian cultural activities, including Holi, Diwali, and more.
  • Admissions at university don’t require any entrance test, GMAT, or IELTS. However, the students must qualify NEET.
  • MBBS degree awarded by KNMU is globally recognized and accepted by International Bodies.
  • The university is a part of the Bologna Process, ensuring high quality of education.
  • The medium of instruction for the entire course is English.
  • Studying MBBS at Kharkiv Ukraine opens a doorway to other European countries such as Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland, and others.
  • The university brings acclaimed teachers and working professionals for guest lecturers who share their experience & knowledge with the students.

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction used at Kharkiv National Medical University for MBBS is English.


Below mentioned is the list of faculties at Kharkiv National Medical University:

  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Faculty of Dentistry (Stomatology)
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Nursing
  • Faculty of Preventive Medicine

Academic Facilities

Quality Teachers
There are over 126 teachers, including 25 doctors, 27 professors, and 89 candidates at KNMU. The training of students is conducted under the guidance of these experienced professionals in medical sciences.

The teaching at KNMU is carried out as per the modern standards of higher education. The faculty takes the education of students very seriously, and their goal is to prepare the ‘future physicians’ for the real world.

Training Programs
Kharkiv National Medical University is a perfect proven spot to acquire practical knowledge and medical training.

The practical training programs initiate from the 3rd year at government hospitals and clinics in Kharkiv. A student learns how to examine patients, provide them with urgent aid, and fill up the case histories if needed. A student also learns to practice at the X-ray rooms and clinical & biochemical laboratories.

At KNMU, the student gets access to a wide range of learning resources, including modern medical equipment, practical laboratories, libraries, and computer classes. The training programs are aimed at educating and making the graduate highly employable.

The university library offers over 1 million copies of medical books/magazines, two electronic information rooms, and 11 separate reading rooms to the students. Also, the university frequently updates the electronic catalogue so that students can study all the latest discoveries in clinical diagnoses.

The best part about the Kharkiv National Medical University library is the KNMU repository that is a crucial step towards information exchange with the international scientific community. The repository is a part of the library’s electronic collection.

The affiliated hospital and centres of Kharkiv National Medical University are mentioned below:

  • Kharkiv City Student Hospital
  • Kamal Hospital
  • Kharkiv Regional Hospital
  • City Clinical Hospital Institute of Dermatology and Venerology of Ukraine
  • 1st Maternity Hospital
  • Medical Center University with a Clinic
  • Dental Laboratory Pallas Plus Kharkov
  • Medical Center Suite Healthy
  • Kharkiv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital
  • Likurals Diagnostic Center

University Campus

Hostel & Accommodation
Kharkiv National Medical University provides an excellent accommodation facility to all its international students. The university has 7 hostels that can accommodate over 3000 students.

A student can find all the basic facilities required to live comfortably throughout their academic journey. He or She can choose between single, double, and triple occupancy rooms, and every room is well-furnished & equipped. There’s the availability of WiFi, bed, blanket, chairs, tables, & cupboards.

The hostels also come with access to luxurious amenities. The student has access to washing machines and a common kitchen. All the rooms are equipped with heaters and air-conditioning.

The university also ensures the security of students at the hostel by providing 24-hour access to security services. A student can easily access support services, including counselling services, campus security services, and health services.

The Kharkiv National Medical University provides various kinds of sports activities. The sports complex is an important part of a student’s curriculum at the Kharkiv National Medical University. The university’s sports complex is situated in a separate building that includes an open stadium. The complex comprises of:

Specialized sports hall No. 1 (Indoor) with an area of 648sq.m
Specialized sports hall No. 2 (Indoor) with an area of 540sq.m
Sports hall for athletics
Sports hall for students with health problems
Specialized sports hall for studies in fitness and aerobics

The university has active volleyball, football, table tennis, chess, aerobics, fitness, basketball, and other sports activity sections.

Student Life
Kharkiv National Medical University aims at providing the best education experience to its students. The student life at the university is very smooth and comfortable. Moreover, the cost of living in Kharkiv is inexpensive.

Also, the university provides a friendly and interactive environment where students get ample exposure and opportunities to learn, meet people from different cultural backgrounds, explore career options, improve their talents, and so much more.

To make full use of their time at the university, students can join intellectual clubs, youth centres, sports and other fun activities.

Courses & Programs

Here is a detailed list of courses offered by the Kharkiv National Medical University:

General Medicine (MD/MBBS)
Duration – 6 years

Duration – 6 years

Duration – 5 years

Duration – 5 years

Duration – 2 years for Diploma, 4 years for Bachelor’s Degree

Post Graduate Education
Duration – 2-3 years

Pre-Medical Course
Duration – 1 year of Preparatory Course

Foundation Course
Duration – 1 year


1st1st - 2nd SemesterHuman Anatomy, History of Medicine, Latin Language & Medical Terminology, Histology, Cytology, & Embryology, Bio-inorganic, Information Science, & Medical Equipment, Sociology, Medical Biology, Genetics, & Parasitology, Politology, & Russian Language
2nd3rd - 4th SemesterNormal Physiology, Microbiology, Philosophy, Economics, Russian Language, Physical Training, Logics
3rd5th - 6th SemesterBases of Psychology & Pedagogic, Social Medicine & Organization of Health Protection Services, Pharmacology & Medical Dispensing of Medicine, Pathological Physiology, Propaedeutic of Children Diseases with the Care of Children
4th7th - 8th SemesterObstetrics & Gynecology, Remedial Gymnastics & Sports Medicine, Dermatovenerol Diseases, Psychiatry, Narcology, & Medical Psychology, Nervous Diseases, Faculty Pediatrics with Medical Genetics, Radiative Medicine, Phthisiatry (Tuberculosis), Endocrinology, Faculty Therapy with Physiotherapy, Economics of Health Protection, Urology, Faculty Surgery, & Homeopathy.
5th9th - 10th SemesterOphthalmology, ENT, Hospital Therapy & Military Field Therapy, Occupational Diseases, Traumatology & Orthopedic, Hospital Podiatry, Gynecology, Hospital Surgery, Neurosurgery, Pediatric Surgery, Infectious & Tropical Diseases, Epidemiology & Military Epidemiology, Children Infectious Diseases, Oncology, Urgent States Medicine of Catastrophes, Forensic Medicine, Basics of Law, and Military Field Surgery
6th11th - 12th SemesterHygiene, Social Medicine & Organization of Health Protection, Economics of Health Protection, Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Tropical Diseases, PEdiatrics, Oncology, Clinical Pharmacology, Children Infection Diseases, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatric Surgery, Reanimatology (intensive care), Surgical Diseases, Clinical Immunology & Allergology, Neurosurgery, & Therapy

Admission Process

For admission at Kharkiv National Medical University, the student must follow the process mentioned below:

  • Start by contacting the university’s admission department at and submit the required documentation.
  • Once accepted, the student shall receive a confirmation letter for enrollment.
  • The next step is to pay the first-year admission fee to reserve the seat.
  • The student can then move forward to apply for a visa using the original receipt of the admission fee and the acceptance letter.
Eligibility Criteria

Following are the requirements for MBBS admission at Kharkiv National Medical University:

  • The student must be at least 17 years old on or before 31st December of the year of admission.
  • The student must have completed 10+2 from a recognized university.
  • The student must have attained a minimum 50% score in 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as subjects.
  • The student is required to submit the NEET score.
Documents Required

To initiate the admission process, the student must have the following documents:

  • A passport with a minimum validity of 2 years
  • NEET scorecard
  • Original education certificate+marksheets (10th & 12th)
  • 6 Passport size photographs
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Medical Certificate including HIV report

Accreditation and Recognition

The university has been recognized and accredited by the following international bodies:

  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • National Medical Commission (NMC)
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  • European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA)
  • American Medical Research Foundation
  • University of Medical Science (Poland)
  • General Council of Medicine of UK
  • European University Associations
  • International University Association
  • Magna Charta Observatory of Fundamental University
  • European Nuclear Education Network
  • Bath Spa University (Great Britain)

Cost of Living

Meal – Inexpensive Restaurant$ 5.62
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal)$ 4.50
Cappuccino (regular)$ 1.28
Coke/Pepsi – 0.33 liter bottle$ 0.59
Water (1.5 liter bottle)$ 0.49
Milk – 1 litre$ 0.95
White Bread – 500g$ 0.58
Rice – 1kg$ 1.03
Eggs – 12 pieces$ 1.29
Cheese – 1kg$ 7.51
Chicken – 1kg$ 3.66
Fruits (apple, banana, orange etc.) – cost per kg$ 1.15
Vegetables (tomato, potato, onion, lettuce etc.) – cost per kg$ 0.73
One-way Ticket (Local Transport)$ 0.30
Monthly Pass (Regular Price)$ 8.99
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)$ 1.69
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff)$ 0.30
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff)$ 3.68
Gasoline (1 liter)$ 1.00
Utilities & accomodation
Basic expenses (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 85 sq. m. apartment$ 106.93
Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local – 1min$ 0.03
Internet (monthly charges for 60 Mbps broadband)$ 5.83
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre$ 387.41
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre$ 239.01
Sports & Leisure
Fitness Club – monthly$ 22.45
Cinema – 1 seat$ 4.50
Clothing & Shoes
1 Pair of Jeans (known international brand)$ 58.22
Dress from a branded store$ 46.67
Sports/Casual shoes (Mid-Range) – 1 pair$ 84.44
Formal shoes – 1 pair$ 89.66

Visa Process

For visa processing, the students would require the following documents:

  • International passport with 2 years minimum validity
  • Invitation letter issued by the university
  • Duly attested 10th and 12th certificates
  • Medical certificates including HIV and COVID-19 report

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General Information

About the Country

Situated in Eastern Europe, Ukraine lies at the northwest end of the Black Sea. It is the second-largest country in Europe, sharing its borders with Belarus to the north, Russia to the east, Slovakia & Hungary to the west, Poland to the northwest, and Romania to the south & southwest.

Currently, Ukraine ranks fourth in Europe for having the most post-graduates in the medical field. The country also features top government medical universities offering MD, MBBS, and other degrees to local and international students.

Ukraine is gaining much popularity among international students wanting to pursue MBBS overseas. After doing MBBS from a Ukrainian medical university, students can apply for jobs anywhere in the world.

Here, the universities do not require entrance examinations, and the admission process is smooth. The medical universities also get plenty of help from their government to maintain the education standards. The expense of education and accommodation is also low, making it a suitable option for Indian Students.

About the City

The city of Kharkiv is located in the north-eastern part of Ukraine. It is currently the second-largest city after Kyiv and also the country’s former capital. Apart from being the second-most populous city in Ukraine, Kharkiv is the largest scientific centre in the country.

Kharkiv has some of the biggest educational centres in the country. The city is also known as “the city of students and youth.” There are over 40 higher educational institutions in Kharkiv and specialized industries in electronics and machinery. The city offers easy walking & cycling routes in open spaces, national parks, a peaceful river (with kayaking spots), and some odd mountains.

Kharkiv also offers fun and entertainment to locals, travellers, and expats. One must experience the city’s happening nightlife with cinemas, restaurants, cafes, etc.

Security & Safety

Kharkiv is one of the safer cities in Ukraine. With friendly locals and a display of acceptance, the city witnesses travellers all year round. The city is home to diverse cultures, races, and nationalities.

It offers several restaurants, clubs, parks, museums, and monuments as getaways. The city is perfectly safe for travellers and expats, and one can easily enjoy the city without any trouble. Even though the city doesn’t have racism or any violent crimes happening, one can still keep their safety in check by following a few rules that apply while travelling anywhere.

This may include not going out alone at night, taking care of your belongings in public, avoid flashing money, being polite to strangers, and more.


In Kharkiv, it is easy to find transport services, both public & private, that can help you get around the city. Below listed are the transport options:

Kharkiv or Kharkov metro offers three lines, including red, blue, and green. The metro covers a total of 35kmsand 28 stations. One might find the instructions written in Ukrainian inside the stations. But if you have a tourist map(English), you can navigate your way around the metro easily. The cost of metro travel is cheap, and the tokens are available at the automated machines.

Marshrutkas are minibuses that are very popular in Ukraine. These are also affordable travel options that are available in abundance.
The routes that these minibuses take can differ. It’s best to speak to the locals or the driver to ask for the main pick up and drop point before step inside one.

Local trains are another perfect way to travel to the nearby towns or suburbs. It can get a bit crowded during peak hours as these trains are the preferred means of transportation for most locals. The tickets are usually cheap and can be bought from a kiosk for cash. Similar to Indian trains, one might also find food and drinks sellers inside the train.

There are several private taxi options in the city. It is one of the most convenient ways to travel to your destination. Taxis can be a bit expensive depending upon the distance you want to travel. But if you have landed in Ukraine and want to reach your accommodation, taxis are the best way to do that.


Ukraine is a country where certain customs and traditional practices play a huge role. Even the young generation never shy away from actively playing a role in preserving that culture and making it up-to-date. Traditional Ukrainian opera includes Zaporozhets za Dunayem and Natalka Poltavka. Here you can enjoy exciting stories with authentic Ukrainian spirit. The theatres are also a great place to watch folk dances and listen to some melodious Ukrainian songs.

Ukrainians are known for respecting all cultures. They allow international students to take a day off from the university to celebrate during festivities and cultural events. Here, the universities also give a chance to international students to share their traditions by allowing them to host several projects within the global cultural dialogue.


The weather in Ukraine is generally dry, with hot summers and chilling cold winters. During summers, the temperature reaches anywhere around 25-30 degrees celsius and sometimes even higher.

January is considered the coldest month in Ukraine. The daytime temperature drops to 0 degrees celsius and drops even lower once in a while to -20 degrees or lower due to cold north-eastern breezes.

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    Kharkiv National Medical University: Key Factors

    Recognized by International Bodies

    Kharkiv National Medical University is recognized by international medical bodies like WHO, NMC, UNESCO, and EFPA.

    Budget-Friendly MBBS

    Fees for MBBS at Kharkiv National Medical University is quite economical as compared to western countries and India.

    Remarkable Rank

    According to the scientometrical database SCOPUS, the university ranks 26th among higher medical educational establishments in Ukraine

    Classes in English

    The medium of instruction at the university is English.

    Direct Admission Process

    Admissions as KNMU does not require admission tests. Only 10+2 and NEET certificates are required.

    Worldwide Degree Validity

    MBBS degree earned from KNMU is valid worldwide, including countries like the US, UK, India, and more.

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